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Thursday, June 26, 2014

UPDATE: New Blog

Hey y'all!!
So, I have been writing and designing and stressing and giving myself massive headaches, but the new blog is finally coming along!!
My goal for unveiling is July 19...also known as my birthday!! Thank you for sticking around...hopefully you will be blessed by the new blog. The digs are pretty cute, if I do say so. 
I hope the archives here are continuing to be helpful to you as I work on content for the new space. See you very soon...this blog will automatically re-direct when the new space opens up!!

Friday, January 10, 2014

New Blog Coming Soon!!

I am busily working on a brand new blog!! I am very excited about the possibilities on the new space. As soon as it is ready, this blog will go straight over there. You won't need to do a thing!!
Please bear with me as I work on it. Learning a new system has been challenging at best.

Hoping to see you ALL very soon!!!!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Getting Your Life Back

Next post will be back on the burn-out topic. Pinky swear.

I mentioned over on my Facebook page today that April 10th is the day that I found out I was expecting our first child.  April 10, 1987. 26 years ago.

My firstborn, Michael Andrew.

Next month, it will be 7 years since I found out I was expecting our youngest. As that first child was graduating from high school, the youngest was already growing inside me, and we didn't even know it yet!!

I love this picture of our Jacob Daniel. He's an outdoors boy at heart!

I know you have heard well meaning people say something like, "Once those kids grow up you can get your life back." Maybe you've even said it to yourself. "As soon as these kids grow up, I can get my life back. I can do some things I want to do." If you haven't said it, have you thought it?

Today I want to talk about my life. See, my life is sort of busy. Actually crazy at times! I have ten kids, two daughters-in-law, and one adorable grandson. I have a husband and I have parents. There is always something going on. Always a birthday, or Christmas, or somebody is sick, or somebody needs new shoes. Somebody is hungry, or thirsty, or tired, or dirty, or mad, or being disobedient.

I could grow to resent the fact that I sound like "Have you...doneyourchores/cleanedyourroom/finishedyourmath/readyourhistory

I could want to give up. I could start wanting my life back. Except...

this is my life.

I have a cousin, who reads this blog, who can tell you straight up that when we were kids, all I ever wanted was to be a Mom. I said it so dadgum many times that she still remembers it, even though we are now in our forties. To me, being called Mama was the stuff of dreams. I was an only child, and I desperately wanted some siblings, or even just one, to play with and have around and stuff.

So I grew up and had them. And they are my life.
Now does that mean that "Dawn has given up who she really is to idolize her children?" On the contrary. I haven't given up anything. God has given me everything.

That child who made his presence known 26 years ago through a little test at the doctor's office has grown to become one of my very best friends in the world. I can say the same about his 22 year old brother; or his 18 year old sister; or any of the rest of the ten. We are tight y'all. And you know why?

Because I have never put some stuff I wanted to do above being their Mama. Have I been selfish at times? Oh my, yes. Have I complained, sometimes bitterly, to my husband about them? Yes, yes, yes!! Have they had me at my wit's end more than once? YES!!
But one thing has not changed for me.

Being called Mama. Most of them have shortened it to Mom at this point, although I still get some Mommy, Momsie, or Mama from time to time. Doesn't matter what they call me. As long as they keep calling me. I talk for hours with my grown sons on the phone. Their wives don't have to tell them to call their Mama. They call me because I am their Mama. I have given these children every part of me...nothing held back.

We laugh, we cry, we fight, we make up. And in the end, I am still here for them.

I love to write; I love to read; I really love to go out with a friend and have lunch or coffee or whatever. And I do those things. But only if it suits what's going on here at home. Because
this is my life. Blogging and reading and mopping and experimenting in the kitchen and scrapbooking and shopping will all be there later. But when the phone rings, or a child comes into my room...it all stops. All that stuff can stop, because it is just stuff. And that stuff is not life!!

I have poured myself  into these children for over 25 years now. And I have loved every minute of it. Even when I hate it, I love it. Even when I don't know what to do, I love it. Even when they are driving me crazy, I love it. Even when I am tired, and angry, and fed up to here(points to eyeballs)...I just can't help but love it. I am living my dream.

It's noisy and dirty and smelly and loud and hurtful and awesome and sad and happy and busy and aggravating and so full of warm fuzzies and hugs and kisses that I just can't help but love it.

So if you wonder if you will ever "get your life back", just stop. Embrace the life you have. Make today special. Love with absolute and utter abandon. Sit down and talk to your children. And keep talking to your children. And one day, they will call you on the phone, and every single time they start to hang up they will say, "I love you" before you get the chance to say it first.

And your heart will melt again. Even after 26 years. Don't waste a minute Mama. Today is so important. Don't put it off until tomorrow, or until you buy some stuff to do with them, or until you get some rest, or until you have more money or a bigger place or you finish decluttering.

I have no life to get back. I am living my life every single day. With every phone call, every text, every hug, every "I love you"...this is my life. And I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Stirring The Pot


I got some very interesting feedback from yesterday's post. Very interesting indeed.

Some people wrote thanking me for being real. Some people wrote to tell me that I was "hurting both Christians and non-Christians alike by what I said." An older lady from our former church wrote to tell me I was causing her to "conjure up thoughts in her head of what might have gone wrong between us and church leaders."

First of all, the theme of the post was "Heal and Be Real." Be Real.

I thought I made it clear when I started this series that I was going to be honest. Sometimes...no, a lot of times, honesty makes people uncomfortable. See, folks don't want their blinders to be removed, or even shifted a little bit.

But, "causing her to conjure up thoughts"? Um, no. I will not take responsibility for what someone else is thinking. I have enough trouble with my own thoughts! I constantly have to repeat to myself, "Take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ..." It is a steady battle with  me. Maybe some other folks need to claim that verse as their own.

Secondly, I did not share anything personal about anyone else. I gave NO NAMES, no identifying markers. Our former church has many leaders, including elders, deacons, staff members, pastors, etc. None of you who read my post have any idea who or what our situation was about. If someone chooses to spend too much time wondering about it, or "conjuring up thoughts", they need to spend that time doing something else.

(I don't mean to sound snarky. I really don't. But on my blog, I am going to share the things that affect my mothering, my marriage, my womanhood, etc. I am not going to tell you all my dirty secrets just to keep the conversation going, but I am also not going to paint a picture that is false.)

If my last post offended you, I suggest you go back and read it again and see if I said anything that pointed fingers at anyone. I accused no one of anything. I didn't even say that our leaders were wrong; just that we did not agree with them on some issues. Christians can disagree. You don't have to agree with everything that everybody does all the time!!

The post was more about our health and financial issues than anything, but I am not surprised that Satan would use it to try to cause division. The part about church was short indicating that it was not the point of the post.

If you came away from my post with a bad taste in your mouth about church, then please forgive me. That was never my intention. We have not missed a Sunday of church since leaving our former church. We will continue to "do church", we will continue to "be the church", which is much more important than just sitting in your regular seat every single Sunday.

I would love to hear your input on this. Just be nice...I'm beat up enough right now.